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SMPIT Dar el-Iman Receives Accreditation Visit, Aims to Maintain Excellence

Accreditation File Illustration. (Photo: Syaugi)

Citizen, English - On Friday, October 6, 2023, SMPIT Dar el-Iman welcomed an accreditation visit conducted by the BAN-S/M Sumbar Assessor Team. The team consisted of Assessor 1, Mrs. Wahidah Fitriani, and Assessor 2, Mrs. Imelda Yanti.

Wahidah Fitriani, Assessor 1, stated that this visitation is one of several they are conducting in the city of Padang. This time, they received support from the Head of Planning & Quality Assurance in Education from the Padang City Education Department. Additionally, it was the first time they were accompanied by the police, with representatives from Polsek Nanggalo.

During the visitation, the assessor team will gather data through interviews, observations, and document examinations to evaluate the quality of education at SMPIT Dar el-Iman. The hope is that the results of this visitation will assist the school in maintaining and improving its previously attained accreditation.

"SMPIT Dar el-Iman is one of the top private schools in Padang that has successfully achieved an A accreditation. We hope that this achievement can be maintained as before," said Indryedi.

In addition to maintaining the A accreditation, the education department has also proposed that a visitation for the B level accreditation be conducted as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of education in Padang.

"At present, we hope this visitation can provide a deeper insight because the data provided by Dar el-Iman has been quite impressive through previous applications," she added.

The Head of SMPIT Dar el-Iman, Ilham, emphasized that all components of the accreditation have been well-prepared by all parties in the school. SMPIT Dar el-Iman is known for its educational approach that integrates Islamic teachings with the general curriculum. Highlight programs such as tahsin and tahfiz al-Quran, as well as daily Mutabaah in the Arabic language, are the main focus.

"Not only students but also all teachers and staff at SMPIT have a strong commitment to learning the Quran. We have standards that have received sanad (authorization) in tahsin al-Quran," Ilham explained.

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