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Padang Takes Bold Steps: 670 Tons of Waste Transformed Daily!

Padang Takes Bold


Citizen, English - Asisten I Setdako Padang, Edi Hasymi, revealed that Padang produces 670 tons of waste daily. Of this, 570 tons end up at the final disposal site (TPA) in Air Dingin, while 100 tons are sorted and managed through the Waste Bank. Speaking at the Bank Sampah Talk Show sponsored by PT Pegadaian at the Youth Center on Wednesday (8/11/2023), Edi emphasized the need for massive actions due to the limited capacity of the TPA.

These actions include obligating government employees (ASN and non-ASN) to join waste banks in their respective areas. "Our society tends to follow examples, so as government officials, we set the example by becoming waste bank members. With 14 thousand government employees, we play a role in influencing change," he stated.

Edi also stressed the importance of waste separation at households, advocating for at least three categories: organic, plastic, metal, and paper. This categorization depends on the specific waste generated by each household.

Despite mandating government employees to join waste banks and aiming for one waste bank per neighborhood, Edi highlighted the necessity for collaboration and involvement from all parties. "Changing the diverse mindset of our society is not easy and requires time. That's why we make it mandatory for government employees to join waste banks. Hopefully, this reduces waste, effectively managed, and turns into valuable resources," he expressed.

The event was attended by Mery Andriati Surya, Head of the Communication and Literacy Department, TJSL Division, PT Pegadaian, Mina Dewi Sukmawati, Chairperson of Forsepsi under PT Pegadaian, and representatives of waste bank supervisors across Indonesia.

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